For Administrators

For Administrators

SafeMeasures® Benefits to Administrators

Data-driven management must start at the top. Promoting data-driven decision making at the highest levels of an agency provides focus for staff on key initiatives and performance expectations. By monitoring what is happening right now, it is possible to identify and address bigger-picture concerns before they result in permanent, negative outcomes.

Communicate agency priorities and monitor progress.

Human services agencies are regularly tasked with establishing priorities, rolling out new initiatives, and meeting federal requirements; but, without a tailored reporting solution, it can be next to impossible for administrators to monitor the progress of their entire agency on all metrics.

The SafeMeasures solution is the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) display. A KPI display, customized in collaboration with the agency, provides administrators with an at-a-glance view of current performance on critical outcomes.

KPIs are not for administrators only—they are just as valuable to supervisors and social workers. A KPI display, made available to everyone in the agency, clearly communicates agency priorities and performance expectations. When all staff see their current performance on these priorities, they are motivated to succeed.  



Be proactive and locate the improvement opportunities.

Many reporting tools can provide aggregate performance data, but how will aggregate numbers from six months ago help identify specific issues that need attention now? SafeMeasures lets users break down agency-wide KPI performance to a comparison of individual units and caseloads. When it is necessary to address workload concerns or assess performance, SafeMeasures’ comparison tools make it easy to find the high performers and those struggling.


Find the data champions.

Administrators can access the SafeMeasures usage report to monitor which reports are most viewed, which areas have higher usage, and which users are accessing SafeMeasures most frequently. We have found that higher SafeMeasures usage often results in stronger performance; therefore, once it is clear who is having success with SafeMeasures, administrators can reach out to these data champions to share their managing-by-data strategies and successes.