What We Do

What We Do

Our Vision

NCCD envisions a just society in which people are safe and supported in their communities and treated with dignity by the systems that serve them. We work to help protect children from abuse and neglect, to create safe and rehabilitative justice systems for youth and adults, and to address the needs of older adults and adults with disabilities.

How We Work

NCCD’s Children’s Research Center (CRC) collaborates with jurisdictions around the world to use research to improve service delivery to children and families.

NCCD conducts qualitative and quantitative research on various issues in the child welfare, juvenile justice, education, criminal justice, and adult protective service systems.

NCCD also provides extensive training and technical assistance around these issues to a variety of stakeholders. These include social service agencies, court personnel, law enforcement, and criminal justice agencies, as well as agency trainers and educators.

NCCD’s research-based, mission-driven services and assessment systems give social service agencies the benefit of a skilled and responsive team combined with powerful tools to help agency staff. Structured Decision Making® (SDM) systems help social service workers make consistent decisions and focus resources on those most in need. Agency administrators and managers can use SDM® data to monitor service delivery and client outcomes, ensuring that the agency moves in the right direction. SafeMeasures® is an analytic service that helps social service workers, managers, and administrators do their jobs. Our acclaimed SafeMeasures team helps agencies get the most out of their data, motivating staff and creating the possibility of better outcomes for clients. JAIS™ and CAIS™ offer effective strategies for supervision through an evidence-based, gender-specific approach to better outcomes for youth and adults who are involved in the justice system. Both systems offer easy interfaces for staff working with offenders, and data reports to help agency administrators target resources efficiently.