Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Two words best describe our SafeMeasures® team: talent and tenure. The SafeMeasures team represents nearly 150 years of combined experience in application development, client relations, human services best practices, database administration, and data analytics. Shane Fetters, Director of Information Technology and Systems, leads the SafeMeasures team. 

Client Relations: Stephanie Butler, Manager

Application Development: Bruce Boldon, Nathan KlineAllan Peters, Andrew Veldkamp, and Ethan Zimmerman are responsible for the state-of-the-art SafeMeasures web application and all its features and functions.

Operations: Bruce Boldon, Casey Foshay (Manager), Ben FreeRyan Kielczewski, and Rianna Weisse are the public face of SafeMeasures. They make sure our clients get the most from their SafeMeasures subscription, and they act as liaisons between agencies and the analytics team to turn reporting requests into data reports. 

Database Administration: Reekah Delfanian, Dan Feeney (Associate Director of Software Development), Brittany Holman, Divya Priyadarshini, and Nick Stilin handle the day-to-day data transfers from our clients as well as the database processes that transform analytic code into data reports.

Analytics: Steven Bandes, Tim Gonzalez, Peter GruettKirsten LarsonKelly Perron (Manager), Tim Stellick, and Max Vasquez make up the analytics team, which creates sophisticated code to translate the huge amounts of raw data from agencies into data reports.