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NCCD News: Year-End Wrap-Up; Announcing Winners of the Media for a Just Society Awards


NCCD’s year ends with expanding to pretrial reform work and announcing the winners of our 2018 Media for a Just Society Awards and Distinguished Achievement Award.

NCCD News: Equity Matters and Reflections From Award Finalists


NCCD states its commitment to prioritizing equity when developing risk assessments and urges others to do the same. Also in this issue: information and links to a new blog series written by finalists for the 2018 Media for a Just Society Awards.

Statewide Elder Mistreatment Virtual Assessment Program

| Jason Burnett, PhD and John Halphen, MD

The webinar will present an overview of the Texas Elder Abuse and Mistreatment Institute-Forensic Assessment Center Network (TEAM-FACN) with a primary focus on the virtual assessment model for completing mental health capacity assessments. Using a web-based platform and readily available videophone modalities the TEAM-FACN is able to connect Texas Adult Protective Services caseworkers and their clients, statewide, to a localized group of geriatric and elder abuse experts in Houston, Texas for services including mental health capacity assessments. A brief description of the TEAM-FACN web-based referral and case communication portal will be presented along with high level overviews of the various statewide services provided by the TEAM-FACN program. A more detailed presentation of the statewide videophone assisted mental health capacity assessments will be presented by the lead TEAM-FACN Geriatrician. First year utilization, challenges and benefits will also be discussed.

SDM News, October 2018


Equity matters when developing a risk assessment. Find out why in this issue of SDM News.   

NCCD News: Pretrial Reform and Media for a Just Society Awards


Developing and using pretrial risk assessment tools is a complex task, so NCCD offers its take on doing this successfully. And the finalists for the Media for a Just Society Awards are announced.

SDM News, September 2018


Supervisors are key to supporting Structured Decision Making® practice. This issue of SDM News includes a checklist of supervision strategies and activities.

NCCD News: Good News for Family in Milwaukee 53206 and Trauma-Health Link Blog Series


The family featured in the documentary Milwaukee 53206, a 2017 Media for Just Society Award winner, is reunited. We also begin our blog series on the link between trauma and health, written by Ryan Berg, a 2016 Media for a Just Society Award winner.

SDM News, August 2018


Making the difficult decision to close a case: the Structured Decision Making® system can help.

NCCD News: Data for Equity Pilot Program, Studying Girls’ Detention Data, and Blog Series Featuring Voices of Youth


The Kresge Foundation helps to fund a pilot of NCCD’s new Data for Equity model; NCCD partners with the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center in Jacksonville, Florida, to analyze Florida Department of Juvenile Justice detention data on girls; and a new blog series features the voices of youth.

SDM News, July 2018


Read about the Structured Decision Making® prevention services tools, designed for assessing families whose first encounter with public services involves financial assistance.  

NCCD News: Diversity and Inclusion, Guest Judges, and Summer Reading


NCCD reports on staff trainings in June—part of its internal diversity and inclusion work; and announces the guest judges for the NCCD Distinguished Achievement Award, which is given annually in conjunction with our Media for a Just Society Awards.

SDM News, June 2018


NCCD names Phil Decter, MSW, as Director of Child Welfare.