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Statewide Elder Mistreatment Virtual Assessment Program

| Jason Burnett, PhD and John Halphen, MD

The webinar will present an overview of the Texas Elder Abuse and Mistreatment Institute-Forensic Assessment Center Network (TEAM-FACN) with a primary focus on the virtual assessment model for completing mental health capacity assessments. Using a web-based platform and readily available videophone modalities the TEAM-FACN is able to connect Texas Adult Protective Services caseworkers and their clients, statewide, to a localized group of geriatric and elder abuse experts in Houston, Texas for services including mental health capacity assessments. A brief description of the TEAM-FACN web-based referral and case communication portal will be presented along with high level overviews of the various statewide services provided by the TEAM-FACN program. A more detailed presentation of the statewide videophone assisted mental health capacity assessments will be presented by the lead TEAM-FACN Geriatrician. First year utilization, challenges and benefits will also be discussed.

SDM News, March 2018


Supervisors who lack time to coach the caseworkers they oversee may want to check out the March issue of SDM News, which offers a solution.   

NCCD News: Predictive Analytics: Pros and Cons, APS Tools, and Work With Kansas


Two articles in this month’s newsletter look at the pros and cons of predictive analytics. Also, NCCD staff will present at the American Society on Aging Conference, and NCCD is partnering with Kansas to improve decision making in child welfare.

SDM News, February 2018


Referencing major declines in surgery complication rates due to the adoption of a simple checklist, this issue of SDM News describes the advantages of breaking down complex tasks by using checklists.

NCCD News: New Blog Posts, Job Opportunities, and More


NCCD celebrates a successful fundraising campaign and highlights two examples of noteworthy SDM® system implementations.

SDM News, January 2018


Using helpful analogies to other professions, this edition of SDM News explains how SDM assessment tools aid social workers in balancing professional judgment with information gained from the tools.

NCCD News: Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare, WI Juvenile Justice, and New Supportive Housing Project


NCCD announces its new paper on “Principles for Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare” and points to a Los Angeles Times article about a supportive housing program in which NCCD is a partner.