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2011 Spring Webinar - The Study of Sexual Abuse of Vulnerable Adults in Care Facilities

| Moderated by Kathy Park

Dr. Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik and Dr. Pamela B. Teaster discuss selected findings from "The Study of Sexual Abuse of Vulnerable Adults in Care Facilities." This study was funded by the National Institute on Aging and analyzed detailed data regarding 429 reported sexual abuse cases that were investigated by Adult Protective Services and/or licensing authorities in five states across the nation. The presentation discusses findings regarding the victims, perpetrators, abuses, APS investigations, case findings, and case outcomes. Discussion will focus on using these research findings to improve APS response to allegations of sexual abuse in care facilities. (Materials: slide presentation) 

What Happens When Girls are In the Same Programs as Boys

| NCCD Center for Girls and Young Women

This briefing report examines how the histories of sexual abuse and trauma shared by many girls in the system complicate their interaction with male staff and male peers. This paper carefully explores both the positive and negative consequences of girls’ exposure to males while providing concrete guidelines for staff working with girls.

SDM News

| Children's Research Center

Structured Decision Making News, The SDM® System and Family Engagement: Integrating Practice Models for Better Outcomes 

California Cities Gang Prevention Network Bulletin (Bulletin 21)

| Dr. Angela Wolf, Livier Gutierrez, David White, Jack Calhoun

NCCD and the National League of Cities' Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (YEF Institute) present the bulletin for the California Cities Gang Prevention Network. This initiative creates a network of major California cities to combat gang violence and victimization.