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Matthew Levenson

Program Associate

Matthew Levenson joined the NCCD team as a program associate in May 2016, soon after receiving his MSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While completing his master’s degree program, which focused on social policy and mental health, Matthew served as a graduate intern at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services where he worked to develop programs that support people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families. He also served as a graduate intern at Porchlight, Inc., a homeless service agency in Madison, Wisconsin, where he developed innovative solutions that streamlined access to housing and services for people struggling with homelessness. Matthew also completed his undergraduate studies at UW-Madison, graduating in 2009 with a quadruple major in social welfare, psychology, political science, and legal studies and a minor in criminal justice.

Matthew has more than nine years of experience working with people with developmental disabilities, including his work as a case manager helping clients find and maintain employment in the community. His passion for helping others is further exemplified through his volunteer work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Habitat for Humanity, and multiple orphanages throughout Guatemala and Honduras.

Pronouns: he, him

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Matthew Levenson, Program Associate, NCCD

Training child protective services (CPS) workers who have direct contact with families is an important piece of our work at the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD). In jurisdictions throughout the United States and around the world, we train workers to make good decisions in child protection. These decisions have substantial