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| by Cynthia Rudin | The Crime Report
The Crime Report weighs in on the accountability of proprietary (or black box) models of risk assessment in light of the Algorithmic Accountability Bill, passed recently in New York City. The author questions the use of “secret algorithms” in criminal justice and argues for adopting…
| by Jessica Testa | BuzzFeed News
Finding employment is challenging for most individuals who reenter their communities after being incarcerated. Some studies point to extra barriers that women face when looking for work after release from prison. This…
NCCD is now accepting submissions for its 2018 Media for a Just Society Awards. These awards are the only national recognition of media that further public understanding of criminal justice, juvenile justice, child…


January 30, 2018 | Karen Meulendyke
Karen Meulendyke
The District of Columbia Department of Human Services has been committed to protecting older and vulnerable adults since establishing its Adult Protective Services (APS) in 1985. However, in 2017, the agency stepped up its commitment by moving to the Structured Decision Making® (SDM) system of resea…
January 16, 2018 | Jess Haven
Jess Haven
Not long after joining NCCD nearly a year ago, I had the opportunity to participate in my first onsite work visit: to observe colleagues delivering safety-organized practice training to child protection supervisors in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A lifelong Midwesterner, it was my first time in the stat…
December 11, 2017 | NCCD
There is currently great interest in the child welfare field in using predictive analytics, spurred on by "big data," to help children and families. But how do we mitigate the risks? In this new paper, NCCD lays out principles for product development, evaluation, and practice to use predictive analy…


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NCCD's Jennifer Cotter and Karen Meulendyke will lead a workshop at the American Society on Aging Conference in