California Moves to Re-Shape Juvenile Justice

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California Moves to Re-Shape Juvenile Justice

February 12, 2019 | by Geoffrey RileyThe Jefferson Exchange

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposal to move the state’s Division of Juvenile Justice from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to Health and Human Services (HHS) is welcome news to Dr. Angie Wolf, NCCD’s chief program officer. “We love the fact that the governor is touting system reform on the justice side of things, particularly as it relates to kids,” she said in a recent interview on The Jefferson Exchange, broadcast on Jefferson Public Radio (which covers southern Oregon and Northern California).

However, she remains cautiously optimistic: “NCCD has been out here in California for over 40 years and we’ve seen this before. We’ve seen language around … implementing a more reformed-minded approach and a different lens. I don’t think it was extraordinarily successful. The culture and climate of the facilities were still pretty traumatic for kids.”

“We’re hopeful that this movement to HHS also brings a very strong trauma-informed lens, an understanding of the communities [the youth are] coming from, and strong connections for youth returning home. It’s going to take more than changing the name and changing the location of the building in order to make lasting reform and give these young people better opportunities to succeed.”

Listen to the full 22-minute interview here.