NCCD Uses GIS Mapping to Improve Child Welfare Systems in California

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NCCD Uses GIS Mapping to Improve Child Welfare Systems in California

National Council on Crime and Delinquency

This issue of Esri News for Health & Human Services reports on NCCD's use of GIS mapping to improve child welfare systems in California. Over 50 California counties partner with NCCD for child welfare data monitoring and analysis through NCCD’s SafeMeasures® service. SafeMeasures uses near real-time data to assist child welfare agencies in identifying potential gaps in services before they lead to negative outcomes. In 2006, NCCD added mapping to SafeMeasures by geocoding the addresses of clients and foster homes. By layering client and event information together on a single map, California child welfare agencies have an agile, streamlined process with which to keep clients safe in the face of an unfolding emergency. This article discusses the software and its architecture with Tim Connell, director of application development at NCCD.

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