NCCD Now: Our Values, Our Impact

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NCCD Now: Our Values, Our Impact

Erin Hanusa

The year’s end is a traditional time for reflection. At NCCD, we look at all that we have achieved in the past 12 months, how it reflects our values, and how we can improve to make even more of an impact on the communities we serve in the coming year.

In the last year, NCCD has accomplished some tremendous things. We have made new inroads to sustainable funding streams for child welfare and juvenile justice through the nation’s first federal Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success grant. We have championed media whose work propels social justice forward with our Media for a Just Society Awards. We have brought together practitioners, researchers, and advocates for children and young people through our NCCD Conference on Children, Youth, and Families. We have continued the fight for sexual safety in confinement through the National PREA Resource Center. And every day, our staff are working in jurisdictions across the nation and around the world to create and support social service systems that make a positive impact on the lives of those most at risk.

At NCCD, we share five core values: research, social justice, innovation, collaboration, and integrity. The impact NCCD creates in the world, through valued partnerships with communities and organizations from the local to the federal level, is a direct result of these values. And though we are spread out—from Oakland, CA, to Madison, WI, to Washington, DC—our values unite us, motivating us each day to use our individual skills for a greater good.

This month, in a unique video blog feature, NCCD staff from all parts of the organization will share with you the value that drives them and the impact of their work. We’ll also hear from some stakeholders about how their partnerships with NCCD have supported improved outcomes in their communities.

Come back often to see new videos! And as 2014 draws to a close, best wishes from NCCD for a safe and just 2015.

Video blog posts will be listed here as they go live:

Heather Meitner, Senior Program Specialist

Shanna Dean, Program Associate

Estivaliz Castro, Researcher

Erin Hanusa, Senior Communications Manager

Aishatu Yusuf, Program Associate

Danna Kipnis, Staff Development Officer, County of Riverside

Erin Wicke Dankert, Researcher

Michela Bowman, Senior Program Specialist

Marion Morgan, Senior Program Specialist

Father Gregory Boyle, Founder and Director, Homeboy Industries

Timothy Connell, Director of Application Development

Raelene Freitag, Director of CRC and International Projects

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