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| by David Eads | The New York Times
| by Kathy Park | Wisconsin State Journal
In a letter to the editor published July 20, NCCD CEO Kathy Park commends the…
| by Joe Vignati and Dan Edwards | Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
Based on a 2013 report, the juvenile justice system in Georgia was “producing poor results for taxpayers and youth alike.” Today, only five years into a process to reform the system, Joe Vignati, assistant commissioner of the Georgia Department of Justice, and Dan Edwards, president of Evidence-…


August 8, 2018 | Grace Li
On Thursday at the Legal Studies 654: Criminal Justice Field Observation seminar, 50-some summer interns reflected on their internship experiences in various criminal justice agencies. Inevitably, the topic of post-graduation plans came up. On the one hand, it seemed like nearly everyone had a remar…
August 1, 2018 | Eduardo Castillo
NCCD staff role playing at a diversity and inclusion training
Talking about race is hard. It can make people uncomfortable and defensive. This summer, as the administrative intern at NCCD, I was lucky enough to be part of a training seminar about the history of racism in the United States and how to have difficult conversations surrounding race. During the wee…
August 1, 2018 | Debra Illingworth Greene
With summer internship season winding down, NCCD is recognizing the students who have brought energy and fresh perspective to our work over the last several months. For the second summer in a row, NCCD partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to bring high school students into our Madis…


- | - PDT | Seattle, WA

NCCD CEO Kathy Park will be a panel participant at this conference, offered by the American Public Human Services Association for health and human services IT leaders. In a session

- | - PDT | San Diego, CA

Chris Scharenbroch, NCCD’s Associate Director of Research Analytics, and Chris Baird, Chair of the NCCD Board

- | - CDT | Madison, WI

NCCD CEO Kathy Park will be presenting at this annual event that explores how to collect, use, and visualize data. She will present her session, "Can Artificial Intelligence Be Fair?,"