Video Blog: Raelene Freitag, Director of CRC and International Projects

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Video Blog: Raelene Freitag, Director of CRC and International Projects

National Council on Crime and Delinquency

Raelene Freitag, Director of the NCCD Children's Research Center and International Projects, chose “social justice” as the NCCD value that guides her work. Learn why in this video blog.






Submitted by Visitor on November 19, 2015 - 12:43pm.

Wouldn't it be nice... I wish that social workers had a better image and the work that they do was not considered intrusive, rather a sort of a modern day version of "the friendly helper," for the families who are seeking assistance. Wouldn't it be lovely if a mother dealing with mental health issues could confide in someone who was trained to guide her as she explored options to keep her children safe, without fear of repercussions, long before an incident took place that caused her family to be screened in for neglect? She would also be more likely to seek medical help, knowing that she was already working with the department and had nothing to fear. I would love to see the profession move to a more proactive approach, rather than focus the majority of it's energy on reactionary band-aids. Maybe there could be a range in the score, more towards the "screened out" end, that indicates the family might find a phone call or a quick visit useful. Just a check in, meet the family members, see if everything is OK, leave a card in case they think of some way in which you could be helpful if they are struggling in any way. I suppose, that would take resources, but it would improve the reputation of social work and statistics show that when a person feels supported, it helps prevent situations from getting worse. Juanita M.

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