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NCCD Now: Service Beyond Data

Sarah Hesse, Business Analyst, NCCD

SafeMeasures®, NCCD’s analytics and reporting service, takes case management data and presents it in a series of easy-to-use reports, charts, and graphs that human services agencies can use to improve performance and outcomes. If you are an agency director, that might mean a summary of agency-wide performance on key performance indicators. If you are a worker, that might mean a snapshot of your caseload that shows which clients you still need to contact this month.

Over time, SafeMeasures has evolved to continue meeting the ever-changing needs of our users. Many of the features we have added to SafeMeasures are the direct result of collaboration with agency managers, analysts, and especially line workers. In each collaboration, there is common focus on getting agency staff the information they need to be proactive, meet client needs, and generally better accomplish a difficult job. This is what leads to improved outcomes. While we firmly believe that data is instrumental to improving practice and outcomes, we even more firmly believe that practice and outcomes cannot be improved unless those who can actually affect change can access data in a meaningful, simple way that is meant to support their work, not keep them from it.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting a series of blogs that explore how data and analytics can be used to support improved outcomes and other agency goals. We will discuss the philosophy behind SafeMeasures, and we will have some of our users talk about the unique ways they have leveraged SafeMeasures and highlight some of the features that have resulted from our collaboration. Our hope is that this will start a conversation about how data can help staff do the very real, very valued work of helping vulnerable populations.

Blogs in this series:

Pete Quigley, Managing Director of Information Systems, NCCD: 25 Years in the Data Mines

Tim Connell, Director of Application Development, NCCD: Data Driven Performance Improvement

Matt Wade, Business Development Associate, NCCD: Automating Child Welfare Outcome Monitoring With SafeMeasures®

Sarah Hesse, Business Analyst, NCCD: Navigating Data with SafeMeasures® Maps

Matt Wade, Business Analyst, NCCD: SafeMeasures®: Providing Accurate Data in Virginia

Danna Kipnis, Staff Development Officer, Riverside County Department of Public Social Services: How Feedback From Line Workers Shapes SafeMeasures®

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