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NCCD Now: Real-World SDM


At first glance, the decision-support assessment tools that make up NCCD’s Structured Decision Making® (SDM) system may look like needless paperwork—one more time-demanding task in a busy caseworker’s day. Julie Davis, MSSW, knows otherwise. A former child welfare social worker, Julie now has a deep understanding of the SDM® system through her work as a senior program specialist at NCCD. She will share her unique perspective over the coming weeks in a series of blog posts. Using examples from her past work (with details changed to protect the privacy of former clients), Julie will demonstrate the importance of using assessments when making crucial decisions in the life of a child welfare case.

Come back each week to read the latest blog post in the series, which will be listed below upon publication. You can also take a look at this handout for a quick overview of the SDM assessments and their corresponding decision points. To learn even more about the SDM system, click here.  

Read the posts in this series here:

Should This Referral Be Investigated? by Julie Davis

Should This Child Be Removed From the Home? by Julie Davis

Should a Case Be Opened? by Julie Davis

What Interventions Could Address Child and Family Needs? by Julie Davis

Can the Child Return Home? by Julie Davis

Should This Case Be Closed? by Julie Davis

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