NCCD has a rich history of using data to support better decision making and improve outcomes for children, youth, individuals, families, and communities.

Our “manage by data” efforts help human and social service agencies use data to support system improvement efforts, program implementation, and operations monitoring.

NCCD offers:

Analytics Services: Easy to use, economical, and essential data reporting. Our analytics services allow you to target the right clients with the right programs at the right times to achieve the best goals. NCCD analytics services provide customized insights into what you are doing, how well you are doing it, the impact you are making, and available opportunities for system improvement.

SafeMeasures: A dynamic web platform for ongoing accountability and quality improvement processes through skilled and responsive analysis of agency data. This service provides immediate and powerful tools to see, at a glance, where success is happening and what needs attention.

For more information on NCCD's analytics services, contact Chris Scharenbroch, Associate Director of Research Analytics.