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Sarah Hesse

Project Coordinator
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Sarah Hesse, a project coordinator with NCCD, has extensive experience in technical writing, editing, and customer service. She joined NCCD in 2005 as the editor, where she edited various texts, implemented a comprehensive style guide, and created document templates. In 2007, Sarah joined the SafeMeasures® team, where she acts as liaison between SafeMeasures users and technical staff. She further supports the SafeMeasures user community by administering SafeMeasures client contracts, developing training materials, writing and editing SafeMeasures report text and help screens, and creating SafeMeasures promotional materials.  

Sarah has bachelor’s degrees in English literature from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and in professional writing from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. 

Recent publications by Sarah Hesse:

Sarah Hesse, Business Analyst, NCCD
SafeMeasures , NCCD’s data reporting service, is an important component in our clients’ ongoing “manage by data” efforts. One of the hallmarks of the SafeMeasures service is the accessibility of NCCD staff and our responsiveness to user concerns, known as our feedback loop. The long-term relationships we have established with our users and state analytical staff, along with our ever-evolving data reports, make it possible to quickly review and (if necessary) modify a data report’s methodology.