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Philip Decter

Philip Decter

Interim Director of Child Welfare

Philip Decter, MSW, is the Interim Director of Child Welfare with NCCD. He is a social worker and family therapist who has worked with children and families in inpatient, outpatient, home-based, foster care, and emergency room settings for 20 years. He has written and taught extensively on children and families experiencing some kind of crisis and their intersection with institutional and informal helping communities during these times. Through NCCD's Children's Research Center, Phil works with child welfare organizations nationally as a trainer and consultant on the implementation of strength and safety-organized practice skills and their integration with the Structured Decision Making® system.


Recent publications from Philip Decter:

Philip Decter, Associate Director, NCCD
The 7-year-old boy would not stop moving. He leaped from couch to chair, then somersaulted across the rug and back again like a circus performer—laughing while showing off his skills. I smiled, aware of how much I enjoyed working with children but also clear that my task was going to be challenging! I was a social worker with an organization in Massachusetts that provided intensive services to families for whom there were concerns of abuse and neglect.