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Peter Quigley

Before retiring in 2014, Peter Quigley served as NCCD’s vice president of information services. He joined the organization in 1986 and was responsible for a wide variety of projects and tasks. During his time at NCCD, Mr. Quigley built the database used by Cook County, Illinois, to track and evaluate the effectiveness of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. He also was responsible for designing and developing database applications that support the Structured Decision Making® (SDM) system for the California Department of Social Services. 

Under Mr. Quigley’s direction, the SafeMeasures® system for performance and outcome measurement in child welfare reached a place of national prominence. Consulting internationally, he assisted the state of South Australia in designing and implementing a case management process and information system modeled on work done in the United States.

Apart from information systems design, Mr. Quigley made significant contributions to workload analysis for social services. He has extensive experience in the design, implementation, and analysis of workload studies; he also directed and participated in several workload studies involving statewide agencies. Mr. Quigley holds a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in sociology from Northern Illinois University.