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Kathy Park

Chief Executive Officer
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As CEO, Kathy Park provides strategic vision to the organization as well as oversight and accountability for programmatic efforts and organizational operations across NCCD’s offices in Oakland, California; Madison, Wisconsin; and Washington, DC. Most recently she has played a key role in NCCD’s Pay for Success and Social Innovation Finance projects. She joined NCCD in September 2000, and has worked throughout her tenure in partnership with numerous state and local social services agencies across the United States and internationally to transform policies and practices in child welfare, juvenile justice, and adult protective services systems through an infusion of research-based and data-driven approaches to decision making.

Kathy came into the field of social justice out of a desire to prevent youth from escalating within and across the child welfare-juvenile justice-adult corrections systems. She began working as a child protective services front-line investigator with the Georgia Department of Human Resources. She went on to work in ongoing family preservation, in supervising a blended child and adult protection unit, and at the state’s protective services policy unit.

Recent publications by Kathy Park:

Kathy Park, NCCD CEO
An op-ed by NCCD CEO Kathy Park was published today in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. In "To Fix the Justice System, Go Outside," Park argues that we should look to community solutions to solve criminal justice problems. She suggests that supporting successful direct-service programs, whether they are evidence based or not, is paramount
Kathy Park, NCCD CEO
As we wrap up this blog series , I’d like to share lessons learned so far in the process of NCCD’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. I expect to add to this list—and look forward to it! Be intentional and honest about what you see “ in the mirror .” As a leader, you do yourself a disservice by avoiding hard realities. Do not try this alone. Engag
Kathy Park
For mission-driven organizations, a mission statement represents the idealized “self.” It’s the ultimate statement about what we want to be and do in the world. As CEO of NCCD, it is my job to hold up the mirror and discern how closely the reflected image resembles where we want to be. Not surprisingly, many organizations do not live up to their st
Kathy Park, CEO
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
In a new op-ed published today by the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange , CEO Kathy Park articulates the vulnerability of youth detained by police and the many factors that leave young people and their families in the dark about their rights. Park asserts that while brain science demonstrates that “young people would seem by definition unable to meet the legal criteria for waiving Miranda rights,” legal protections have not kept pace with the science.