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Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris

Senior Researcher

Liz Harris joined NCCD as a senior researcher in 2017. She began her career in 1994 in nonprofit development, public relations, and strategic planning. In 2002, she joined the Community and Economic Development unit for the City of Alameda, California, where she was responsible for conducting and analyzing community needs assessments to inform the city’s allocation of community development funding. While in that position, she became interested in learning more about how rigorous research can inform jurisdictions’ ability to more effectively address the social and economic needs of their residents. She returned to school and ultimately earned a PhD in sociology, with an emphasis on families and education, from Washington State University.

Most recently, she worked for five years with the City and County of San Francisco’s Child Welfare department as a senior data/research analyst. In that role, she helped lead an initiative to coach and support supervisors, managers, and executives in using data to plan, implement, and evaluate child welfare practice strategies and programs. She also did research on a range of child welfare topics. 

In her current position, Liz has served as the Principal Investigator for the Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project and currently leads three research evaluations in San Diego. She has also consulted and conducted research studies for the Bureau of Children’s Justice with the California Department of Justice.