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Colleen Fearing joined NCCD’s Madison office as a researcher in 2013, after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in mathematical sciences and an emphasis in probability, statistics, and data analysis. Colleen was drawn to NCCD’s history of promoting the use of data to support decision making in juvenile justice, corrections, child welfare, and education. She is excited to be involved in the analytics side of NCCD and hopes to use her knowledge of data analysis to assist agencies in making informed, effective decisions.

Recent publications by Colleen Fearing:

Colleen Fearing

As we learn more about “what works” in engaging adults to prevent maltreatment and self-neglect, how do we stay focused on identifying adults who are most in need of services and support? At NCCD, our response is always the same: How can we leverage data to help us answer this? In adult protective services (APS) our answer is the Structured

Colleen Kerwin, NCCD

We think of risk as the likelihood of a particular event taking place. Insurance companies are concerned about your risk of experiencing a car accident; doctors want to know your risk of developing heart disease. At NCCD, we are interested in the risk of individuals reentering the child protection, adult protection, and justice systems. We often

Colleen Kerwin, Researcher

Predictive analytics is fast and powerful. It has the ability to comb through large amounts of data looking for the most important relationships and factors. At NCCD, we leverage the strength of predictive analytics by using it as a first step to answer our questions and explore the data.

Colleen Kerwin, Researcher

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