Current Projects
Current Projects

NCCD’s Restorative Justice Project is currently involved in several projects across the state of California and offers restorative justice training across the nation.

NCCD was recently awarded a grant by the Office for Victims of Crime to identify culturally responsive, victim-oriented restorative justice programs throughout the United States. Restorative Justice Project staff will be conducting a national survey and multiple site visits to produce a report on promising restorative programs that work with youth, in urban areas, and within American Indian and Alaska Native populations.

In the field of Restorative Community Conferencing, NCCD is training and providing technical assistance to California jurisdictions that are implementing restorative community conferencing as a diversion model for youth accused of crime. As an advisor to Community Works West, NCCD assists a program in partnership with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office to divert 95 young people each year from the juvenile justice system. NCCD’s Restorative Justice Project was recently funded by the Zellerbach Foundation to assist the San Francisco District Attorney’s office in replicating this program. In addition, The California Endowment has funded similar Restorative Justice Project support for restorative community conferencing in Long Beach, and for introducing restorative justice to communities in Santa Ana, Coachella, and San Diego.

In addition, the Restorative Justice Project offers trainings in Restorative Circle Processes for universities, law enforcement, and community-based organizations throughout the United States.

For help starting a restorative justice program in your community, contact Nuri Nusrat, Program Associate, Restorative Justice Project.