Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance

NCCD staff assist clients and partner organizations in improving practice through a variety of approaches, including:

  • Managing by data: NCCD research and analysis staff can help agencies better understand their practice through regular management reports and through the implementation of SafeMeasures.
  • Onsite coaching: NCCD staff provide direct feedback and assistance to supervisors and staff in all of our program areas, including models for supervision and case consultation.
  • Process and impact evaluation: NCCD staff teams routinely assess partner agencies for fidelity to program models and service impact on clients. These projects include detailed recommendations to assist agencies’ improvement efforts. NCCD also assesses evaluation readiness and helps agencies develop evaluation tools.
  • Capacity evaluation: Many agencies require assistance in estimating the number of staff required to effectively deliver services or the beds required to meet needs. NCCD assists jurisdictions in answering these and other capacity questions.
  • Planning studies: NCCD staff assess organizational readiness for system reform and guide agencies in reform efforts.
  • Program development: NCCD helps agencies assess their program models/mission and goals for service delivery.
  • Organizational assessment of policies and practices: Utilizing a structured protocol, NCCD provides community or individual agencies with assessment services designed to review the mission, values, culture, processes, programs, and resources. The assessment is a strength-based collaborative process that values the input of all stakeholders.

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