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| by Marisol Zarate | The Chronicle of Social Change
An NCCD study on girls’ involvement in gangs is featured in the Chronicle of Social Change. The study examined how and why girls become gang-affiliated and how and why some girls avoid or leave gang activity. The study includes information about addressing the needs of gang-involved/formerly…
NCCD is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Wade, MPA, as interim director of SafeMeasures®, NCCD's web-based data reporting service. Mr. Wade most recently…
NCCD is pleased to announce the appointment of Philip Decter, MSW, as interim director of child welfare. Mr. Decter has been with NCCD since 2010, most recently serving as an associate director. As interim director, Mr. Decter will…


August 16, 2017 | Julie Davis, Senior Program Specialist, NCCD
Safety is one of our primary goals in child welfare, but knowing whether a situation is concerning enough to require action can be a challenge. Further complicating the worker’s decision to require an in-home safety plan or remove a child from his/her parents is the timing of the incident in questio…
August 9, 2017 | NCCD
At first glance, the decision-support assessment tools that make up NCCD’s Structured Decision Making® (SDM) system may look like needless paperwork—one more time-demanding task in a busy caseworker’s day. Julie Davis, MSSW, knows otherwise. A former child welfare social worker, Julie now has a deep…
August 9, 2017 | Julie Davis, Senior Program Specialist, NCCD
One of the keys to an effective child protection system is the ability to consistently determine which reports rise to the level of needing a child protection response. Just as important is the ability to not respond to concerns that do not rise to that level. This screening decision is challenging,…


- | - | Middleton, WI

Kate Beier, Program Associate, and Julie Davis, Senior Program Specialist, will present the workshop "Structured Decision

- | - | Aurora, CO

NCCD's Philip Decter will present two workshops at the 2017 Kempe International Conference on Innovations in Family Engagement. 

- | - ET | Washington, DC

NCCD CEO Kathy Park will moderate a discussion on predictive analytics that explores its strengths and challenges from an equity lens.