Predictive Analytics in Child Protection: New Paper and Webinar

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Predictive Analytics in Child Protection: New Paper and Webinar

National Council on Crime and Delinquency

Predictive analytics has brought us personalized movie recommendations on Netflix and new tunes we’re destined to love on Pandora. Sometimes the science is so amazing it can feel like these sites can read our minds, or even see the future.

That seemingly uncanny ability to be one step ahead of us has made predictive analytics a topic of intense interest in social services. In fact, many in the field of child protection are wondering if it’s the next big solution to help protect kids.

Still others are raising questions about predictive analytics in child protection. Netflix sometimes recommends a movie you don’t like—what happens when predictive analytics makes a bad child welfare recommendation? Does use of predictive analytics perpetuate already-existing biases? Does it compromise people’s civil rights?

NCCD Director of Research Dr. Jesse Russell will discuss these questions and more in a September 3 webinar. Dr. Russell’s newest paper on predictive analytics and child protection was published in Child Abuse and Neglect’s August issue. Click to access “Predictive Analytics and Child Protection: Constraints and Opportunities.”

Watch for more content on predictive analytics in child protection in September on our website. And don’t forget to join us on September 3!

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