SafeMeasures® at a Glance

This document provides a comprehensive overview of the SafeMeasures® reporting service. Read about our various features, cost, and unmatched service and value.

This document provides an overview of the benefits SafeMeasures can offer to juvenile justice agencies.

Nuts and Bolts

We hold ourselves to the highest standards for ensuring the safety and confidentiality of agency data. This document outlines our stringent data security practices. 

SafeMeasures is the most cost-efficient reporting solution available. Learn more about the value included with a SafeMeasures subscription.

There is no magic wand that will improve practice. This document outlines our theory on how change can come about (and how outcomes can then improve) by providing current data tools to the right people.

SafeMeasures® in Action

SafeMeasures includes state-of-the-art geocoding technology that can be leveraged in a variety of ways: planning visits, identifying areas with higher concentrations of referrals, or disaster readiness.

SafeMeasures was a key component of the strategy implemented by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to improve Virginia’s child welfare system.

Esri, a world leader in GIS solutions, powers our geocoding processing. Read this feature to learn about the collaboration between NCCD and Esri.

This document was written six months after the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) implemented SafeMeasures. Read to learn about the immediate effects that timely, targeted data provided for DJS staff.