About Us
About Us

NCCD envisions just and humane social systems that promote strong and safe communities and improve the lives of all people. We value social justice, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and research. These values guide our daily work at all levels of the organization.

Since 1907, NCCD has been applying research to policy and practice in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and child welfare. By formulating innovative approaches to public safety and advising hundreds of agencies on effective and cost-efficient policies, strategies, and programs, our studies and policy recommendations continue to revolutionize the field.

Today NCCD’s expertise extends to the fields of criminal justice, juvenile justice, child welfare, adult protective services, economic support programs, data analytics, gender and sexual orientation-specific justice issues, and education. NCCD has worked with agencies and organizations across the United States as well as in Australia, Canada, Bermuda, Taiwan, and Singapore.

NCCD Leadership

NCCD staff have diverse expertise in social service systems and research approaches, giving the organization a unique perspective on how to effectively use research to improve systems for better outcomes. Acting president Kathy Park, a career advocate for child welfare and adult protection, directs the work of staff across three national offices.

NCCD's directors provide strategic direction for all staff and projects. NCCD's directors include Dr. Angela Irvine, Director of Research in Oakland; Dr. Jesse Russell, Director of Research in the Midwest office; Dr. Raelene Freitag, Director of the Children's Research Center; Toni Aleman, Director of Administration; and Michael Magnaye, Development Director.

To read more about NCCD staff, visit our staff page.